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You can archive a report  if you no longer want to display it within the Reports List. 

Archive is the process of moving older reports (or reports that are no longer required) into a different location on your system; this location is the Archived Reports List. You would normally archive a report if you wanted to reduce the number of reports within the Reports List. This could be because you want to make the Reports List more manageable and make it easier for you to find current and newer reports.

Whenever you archive a report it is no longer displayed within the Reports List, and you cannot preview or download it (unless it is restored).

When viewing the Reports List you can display all archived reports, by selecting the Show Archived Reports Only box within the Filter Pane.

You can restore archived reports if you want to reverse the archive process, which means any restored reports will reappear in the Reports List.

To archive reports

1   Click the Reports button  from the home screen.

All existing reports are displayed within the Report List.

  Find the report(s) you want to archive.

 Select the report(s) you want to archive by clicking the Check box  to the left of each report name. You can select multiple reports if required.

 Each time you click the Check box for a report, notice the following:

  •  The Check box changes colour .
  • The total number of reports you have selected is displayed within the Archive button, in the top right corner of the screen.

 4  To archive the selected reports, click the Archive button  .

 5  Click the Yes button in the message box asking you to confirm the archiving of the selected report(s).

A green "Reports Successfully Archived" message will be appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Notice that the archived report(s) no longer appear in the Report List.

6   If you want to display archived reports, then you can tick the 'Show Archived Reports Only' box within the Filter Pane. The report(s) you just archived will be displayed. To display the Reports List again, remove the tick from the 'Show Archived Reports Only' box.

7   To return to the home screen, click the Home button 

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