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You can view the contents of a report  by previewing it.

To preview a report

1   Click the Reports button  from the home screen.

2   Find the report you want to preview.

Click the Actions button  alongside the report that you want to preview.

  The Preview button and the Download button now replace the Report Name in the first column.

4   Click the Preview button to display the report.

The report will automatically be opened and displayed in the most appropriate software for the report format.

For example, a report in PDF format will be displayed in Adobe Acrobat and a report in presentation format will be displayed in MS PowerPoint.

Note: You may be prompted by your web browser, to click an Open button before you can view the report or you may be asked to select which software you want to view the report in.

5   Once you have viewed the report you can do one of the following:

  • Close the software in which the report is displayed.
  • Save the report. For example, if you are viewing a report in Adobe Acrobat, then you can select Save from the File menu to save the report in a location of your choosing.

  Return to your web browser to continue working in Testwise. The Reports List will still be displayed on your screen.

7  To return to the home screen, click the Home button 

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