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Reports are the way in which student test results are collated, analysed and displayed. Many reports also provide comparisons of student test results against national test results.

For a quick summary of the main functions within the Reports area, you can watch the Reports video.


Once you have a sufficient quantity of test data for one or more students, you can create a report to view their test results. Test data is gathered whenever students complete tests.

The type of test completed will define the types of reports available for you to create.

For example, some tests will enable you to view results by class or group, whilst others will focus on the outcomes for an individual student. 

If students have taken multiple tests, you will be able to create combination reports enabling you to compare data across different tests, or to measure progress from a previous test.

Creating Reports

All the templates required to create reports are included within Testwise. By using the Report Creation Process, you can easily create the reports you require using a simple and seamless process.

Types of Reports

Different reports are associated with different services and tests.

Reports can be created for individual students or a group of students.

There are a large number of reports to choose from. To help you decide which report to create, you can view a description of each report and access a sample each report, from the Report Selection List, which is displayed during the Report Creation Process.

The GL Assessment websites contain further details of all reports.

Report Formats

Reports are created in a number of different formats, depending upon the report type you selected and the type of data that is being displayed. Reports are created in PDF, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint format.

The example below is a report in MS PowerPoint format.

If you want to access the raw data that was used to create the report, you can access the information within CSV format. CSV files can be opened in MS Excel or imported into other systems for further analysis.

Cost of Reports

You will only be able to create the reports associated with the services you have purchased.

Most reports are included in the cost of your services, however, some reports are charged for separately. Any reports that do include a charge are clearly marked, so that you can differentiate them from the reports that have already been paid for, as part of your subscription.

All Report Tasks

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