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From a student's perspective, their experience of using Testwise is as follows:

  The student receives their unique student login details for the sitting and the Test Taking Instructions for Students.

2   The student logs into the Test Lobby via a web browser, by entering the web address and their access code.

3   The student can see how many tests they need to complete from the number of tests displayed in the Test Lobby.

4   When the Test Start Period begins, one of the tests in the Test Lobby will contain an enabled Start Test button. If the test needs to be manually started, then the student cannot begin until the Teacher has clicked their own Start Test button within the Student Progress screen.

  The student clicks on the Start Test button and follows on screen instructions to complete the test.

  When they have finished the first test they will be returned to the Test Lobby. The test they have just completed will contain a green tick on it, to show that all questions within that test have been completed (or the duration of the test has now elapsed) and that this information has been saved within the system.

7   The student continues completing tests until all test in the Test Lobby contain a green tick. If the student leaves the Test Lobby unattended for 20 minutes, they are automatically logged out of the Test Lobby.

8   The student logs out of the Test Lobby by clicking their name in the top right of the screen and selecting Logout from the menu.

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