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The following fields of information can be viewed for each report

Report NameThis field is for the report name and can contain up to 100 characters. It is a mandatory field.
Report Type

This field is for the report type. Examples of report types include the following:

  • Summary Report for Senior Leaders
  • MS Excel report
  • Group Report for Teachers
  • Summary Presentation for Senior Leaders
  • Individual Student Report for Teachers
Report Status

The current status of the report, which can be one of the following:

  • Completed - the report has been successfully created and is available to preview or download.
  • Processing - the report is currently being created. This status is only displayed for a short period of time, immediately after you have created a report. Once Processing has been completed, one of the other statuses will be displayed.
  • Failed - the report has not been successfully created.
Date CreatedThe date the report was created.
Created ByThe username of person who created the report.

Note: If the fields or columns on your screen are different to the ones listed in the table above, this may be because your system labels have been changed by your System Administrator. You cannot change  system labels yourself, unless you have specific system permissions.

Mandatory Fields

When creating reports, some fields are mandatory, which means you must enter information in those fields otherwise, the report cannot be created successfully. Different systems have different mandatory fields. You can identify the mandatory fields in your system by finding field names that have an asterisk displayed after them.

Optional Blank

When creating reports, you do not need to enter information is every field, some fields can be left blank. Any field that is not mandatory can be left blank.

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