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When creating reports the following columns of information are displayed on the Report Selection screen:

ServiceThe name of the purchased service that contains the tests.
Test Name

The name of the test that the report is showing the results for.  

Package Type

The name of the package that the test is part of. Examples of package types include:

  • Assessment Report
  • Cross Product Report
  • Cross Range Report (Combination Report)
  • Cross Customer Report
Report Type

The Report Type usually includes the report format and recommended audience for the report. Examples of report types include the following:

  • Summary Report for Senior Leaders
  • MS Excel report
  • Group Report for Teachers
  • Summary Presentation for Senior Leaders
  • Individual Student Report for Teachers

Report Description

Click the Report Description button  to view a detailed description of the contents of the report displayed in a pop-up box. Click OK to close the window after viewing the information contained within it.


Click the Sample link to display a webpage, which contains a PDF sample of the report, so you can see the type of information that the report may contain.


The Create Report button or the Insufficient Data button is displayed, depending upon the data collection status for the report.

If the Create Report button is displayed. This means that there is sufficient data to create the report. 

If the Insufficient Data button is displayed. This means that the data required to create the report is not available and therefore you cannot create this type of report.

Note: If the fields or columns on your screen are different to the ones listed in the table above, this may be because your system labels have been changed by your System Administrator. You cannot change  system labels yourself, unless you have specific system permissions.

Mandatory Fields

When creating reports, some fields are mandatory, which means you must enter information in those fields otherwise, the report cannot be created successfully. Different systems have different mandatory fields. You can identify the mandatory fields in your system by finding field names that have an asterisk displayed after them.

Optional Blank

When creating reports, you do not need to enter information is every field, some fields can be left blank. Any field that is not mandatory can be left blank.

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