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You can create a new user  whenever you want to enable someone within your school to access the system. Users will include other members of staff.

When you create a user, it is added to the Users List, so you can view the details about them at a future date.

Users can be created at various levels in the user hierarchy. The level of the hierarchy in which you can create users will depend upon your user permissions. The process for working within the Users area is the same, regardless of which level of user you are creating.

The Teacher role, which is the most popular user type, is at the lowest level in the hierarchy and has access to sittings, students, reports and services. The Teacher will use the system on a regular basis to create sittings and view student test results via reports.

Note: You can only access the Users functional area if you have the relevant user permissions. The School Admin user role can access this area, but the Teacher role does not have access to this area.

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