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You can view all the reports  that have been created by displaying the Reports List.

You can also display specific reports based upon your own criteria using the filter and search features.

To view the Reports List

1   Click the Reports button  from the home screen.

All existing reports are displayed within the Reports List.

Note: If there are no reports displayed, this is because they have not yet been created or because they have all been archived. You can add reports to the Reports List by creating reports.

If a Load More button  is displayed at the bottom of the Reports List, this means all reports are not currently displayed on the screen. Click the Load More button to display the next 100 reports.

2   View details about each report by examining the information within each column. See Understand Report Details  for specific information about each column.

3   If you want to find reports that fulfil specific criteria, then you can apply filters by selecting tags in the Filter Pane.

4   If you want to find a report with a specific report name, then you can enter the name of it in the Search box, which is displayed at the top of the Reports List.

5   To display the full Reports List, remove all filters and remove any text in the Search box.

6   To return to the home screen, click the Home button

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