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Testwise includes the following main functional areas:

  • Students- Students is the area that contains all the students who can to take online assessmentsare the individuals who take the tests within Testwise. You can add new students, import batches a batch of students and or change existing student details from this area. Once added, a student can be allocated any number of tests. What's New: In this new version of Testwise, Students replaces Registers.
  • Sittings is the way in which tests are allocated to students. Within sittings you can:
    • Choose a test for students to take.
    • Define the date and time for the test to begin.
    • Allocate the students who will take the test.
    • Define the Test Start Mode, which can be defined as manually or automatically.
    • Download, save and print Student Login Details for each student, to enable them to access theirs test. What's New:  In this new version of Testwise, students log into Testwise by entering an access code into their web browser. Unlike the previous version of Testwise they do not need to enter a Register ID, select their own name from a list or enter any passwords. This new way of starting assessments is more robust than the previous method and means there is less chance for user error.
    • View student progress to see how each student is interacting with the system.