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Note: If the student access code appears to be invalid, please check the characters provided carefully. The letters will always be displayed as lower case although I (L) and 1 and O and 0 can easily be mis-read. See below for the generation rules for access codes:

  • An alpha character should be within each 4-character block
  • All alpha characters will not be case sensitive.  The character can be entered by the student in either Upper or Lower case, but the system will always display the alpha characters on the <platform page> in lower case
  • The alpha character should appear at a random point within each 4-character block
  • The same number cannot appear in the same block 3 times (i.e. a111-b111 or c111-d222)
  • The 6 numeric characters cannot be sequential (i.e. a123-b456 or 987f-654d)  

The Test Lobby screen is displayed, containing all the tests that you need to complete.