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Rather than using usernames, email addresses or password to log into the Test Lobby, students will use a unique 8 digit number.

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Student Login Details contain the following information for each student:

  • Name - Student Name
  • Student Access Code - a unique 8 digit number code that is generated for each student and sitting. You can also view each student's Access Code by monitoring student progress.
  • Sitting Name - the name of the sitting.
  • Date - the earliest date and time that the test can begin. This is the From date and time of the Test Start Period.
  • Test(s) - the name of the test the student will be completing.
  • URL - the web address to enable students to log into the Test Lobby.

Once you have have created a sitting, you can download, save or print a PDF or CSV file containing all the Student Login Details for all the students within that sitting. The PDF file is created in A4 landscape format and contains 9 multiple Student Login Details on each page. If you print the Student Login Details, you can then divide the A4 sheet into 9 sections and distribute each the Student Login Details to each individual student. The CSV file contains the access codes and student details in a table format.

Once the student has been given their Student Login Details, the the Test Start Period has  has begun, the test has started in Testwise (automatically or  or manually), the student can log into the Test Lobby, click the Start Test button on their test and begin answering questions until the test is complete

Note: You  You can only download Student Access Details for sittings that have a status of Live. You cannot download Student Access Details for sittings that have a status of Draft, Expired, Pending, Closed , Started or Completed.

To download student login details

1   Click the  Click the Sittings button  button Image Modified from  from the dashboard.

 All existing sittings are displayed within the Sittings List.

2      Find the sitting that  that contains the Student Login Details that you want to download.

3      Click the the Actions button  button Image Modified displayed  displayed alongside the sitting name.

  The Edit  The Edit button and the Download Access Codes button buttons now replace the Sitting Name in the first column.

Note: If you clicked the Actions button on a sitting that does not a have a Live status, then the additional buttons will not be displayed and you will not be able to continue this process.

4   Click the Download Access Code button Image Removed4   Click the Download Access Code pdf button Image Added or Download Access Code - csv buttonImage Added to download the Student Login Details PDF file for the selected sitting.

5  Open  Depending on the chosen download format you can open or save the PDF or CSV file as suggested by your your web browser.

  The PDF file containing your Student Login Details will be displayed.

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look similar to the example below:

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The csv file will provide a table format similar to the example below:

Sitting NameGroupYearStudent First NameStudent SurnameTest Name/LevelAccess Code
PTM Level 87W Test User 1PTM Level8 GroupA111-A111
PTM Level 8 7W Test User 2PTM Level8 GroupB111-B111

6   You can either save this file, if you have not already done so or print it.

7      Close the PDF or CSV file when you have finished working with it and close the software that was used to display the PDFfile.

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