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The functionality within Testwise is split up into a number of different divided between 6 functional areas. Each Testwise user may have access to different functional areas of the system, depending upon the permissions that have been allocated to them, by the System Administrator or School Administrator.


The School Administrator user role has access to two additional areas, which are Users and the Manage AccountMy Organisation. This means the School Administrator user role can create new users and add a logo to the front cover of define which logo appears on reports.

Main Functional Areas

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Testwise includes the following main functional areas:

  • Students- Students is the area that contains all the students who can to take online assessments are the individuals who take the tests within Testwise. You can add new students, import batches a batch of students and or change existing student details from this area. You can also group students together to enable you to manage large numbers of students in a logical wayOnce added, a student can be allocated any number of tests.What's New: In this new Registers have been replaced with the Students area, which means that each student is only added to the system once. Unlike the previous version of Testwise, Students replaces Registersthere is no longer a need to link multiple student records using UPNs.
  • SittingsImage Modified


  • are used to define which students take which tests, and when these tests are taken. Once a sitting has been created and started, each student will be able to log into the Test Lobby and take their tests. What's New


  • Students log into Testwise by entering an access code into their web browser. Unlike the previous version of Testwise, they


  • no longer need to enter a Register ID, select their own name from a list or enter any passwords. This new way of starting


  • tests is more robust than the previous method and means there is less chance


  • of user error.


  • Reports  - Reports is are the way in which assessment student test results are collated, analysed and viewed. displayed. Many reports also provide comparisons of student test results against national test results. What's New: In this new version of Testwise, reports are Reports are now easier to create, making which means test results are more easily accessible.
  • Services Image Removed -  Services display the specific tests / assessments Image Added enables you to view the details of the tests and reports that have been purchased by your school. Most services contain various levels of tests, different types of tests and a variety of reports. Each service can contain contains one or more tests / assessments bundled together for purchasing purposessubscriptions, which are each for a specific time period. You can now view your purchased services, the number of credits you have available for each test and the expiry date for each one from within Testwise.What's New: Services is a brand new functional area that was not available in the previous versions version of Testwise.


  • Users Image Removed - Users contains Image Added are the individuals who use the Testwise system. From the Users area, you will be able to see all the Testwise users that are at the same user level or the level below yourself.   You can create new users for your Testwise system or reset user passwords if required.   You can also group users together to enable you to manage large numbers of users in a logical way. You can only view the Users area if you have a School Administrator role. AccountsImage Removed - Accounts gives you the ability What's New: You can now create more than one user profile, which means that each Testwise user can have their own login credentials. In the previous version of Testwise, only one login was available for all staff within the same organisation or school.
  • My OrganisationImage Added enables you to view or change some of your Testwise account details. These details include the your organisation name, contact details for the key your Testwise user and the logo that will appear on the front page of all your reports.  account and some report parameters, such as the report logo. You can only view the Accounts My Organisation area if you have a School Administrator role.

Administrator Functional Areas

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Some functional areas are only accessible if you have Administrator user permissions. The School Admin and Teacher user roles do not have access to any of the Administrator functional areas.

  • What's New: My Organisation is a new functional area that was not available in the previous version of Testwise.

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