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You can filter lists by using the Filter pane or the Filter box, which both work in the same way.

The purpose of filtering is to reduce the number of rows of information that are currently visible on your screen, based upon specific criteria. Filtering enables you to find the information you require from a large volume of information, such as a long list of students.

By ticking boxes in the Filter pane or Filter box, you are defining the criteria for the contents of the list. The tick boxes are sometimes referred to as tags. Most tags are predefined and are shipped with your system. The System Administrator can define tags specifically for your organisation if required.

For example, when viewing the Student List, if you wanted to find Male students, who have English as their second language, then you would tick the following boxes in the Filter tags:

  • Male
  • Yes, within the English as a Second Language area

The Student list will now display only male students, who have English as their second language.

To filter a list using the Filter pane

  Ensure you can see the Filter pane on the left of your screen. The Filter Pane is displayed on screens that contain lists of items, such at the Student List, Sittings List, Users List and Reports List. If the Filter pane is not visible then it could be hidden. To display it, click the Filter Pane button which is displayed on top left of screen. The Filter Pane button is a toggle button which means that each time you click it, it will either display the Filter Pane or hide the Filter Pane.

2   Select the tag(s) that define the criteria for your list.

If the Show More button is displayed, this means that more tags are available within the Filter box. Click the Show More to display the Filter box, select tags from the Filter box and then click the Done button.

If a scroll bar is displayed within the Filter pane, this means there are additional filter options at the bottom of the Filter Pane that are not currently visible. User the scroll bar to display the filter options at the bottom of the Filter pane.

3   As you tick each tag, your list will automatically change, to include only the items that you have defined using the tags.

To filter a list using the Filter box

1   Ensure the filter box is displayed on your screen. It can be accessed by:

  • Clicking the Refine Search link. The Refine Search link is displayed within a number of screens including the Student Management screen and the User Management screen.
  • Clicking the Show More button in the Filter pane. This button is only displayed if there is not enough space on the Filter pane to display all the tags available.

  Select the tab that contains the tag(s) that you require.

  Select the tag(s) that define the criteria for your list.

  Continue clicking on tabs, until you have found and selected all the tags required for your list.

5   Click the Done button to close the Filter box and apply the tags to the list.

Your list will now only contain the items that fulfil the criteria defined by the ticked tags.

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