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You can restore a sitting that you have previously archived, if you want to display it within the Sittings List again.

You may need specific system access rights to complete this process.

To restore sittings that were previously archived

Click the Sittings button.

All existing sittings are displayed within the Sittings List.

2   In the Filter Pane, select the Archived Items Only box.

All archived sittings are displayed within the Users List.

 Select the sitting(s) you want to restore by selecting the tick box to the left of each sitting name. You can select multiple sittings if required.

Notice the Restore button in the top right has now appeared and displays the number of sittings you have selected

4  Click the Restore button.

5  Click the Yes button at the message box asking you to confirm the restoring of the selected sitting(s).

A confirmation message is displayed at the bottom of the screen and the restored sitting(s) now appear within the Sittings List. 



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