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xxx - This first draft is 100% complete.

xxx - This online help project is a work in progress. Content and design are both currently being updated. Topics that do not contain 'xxx' markers or red text are complete and ready to be shared with external users.

This new version of Testwise contain a full end-to-end assessment process, which enables you to effortlessly gather test results to assess your student's education, mental health and well-being. 

The new and improved functionality is based upon comprehensive feedback from existing users and clients, which means Testwise is now more streamlined than ever before.

This new version of Testwise includes the following:

  • Students - An easier and more flexible way to manage students. You can add new students, import batches of students and change existing student details effortlessly. You can also group students to enable you to manage large numbers of students in a logical way. In this new version of Testwise, Students replace Registers.
  • Sittings  - A new method of linking students to assessments (tests), which is called sittings. Within sittings you can:
    • Define a time and date for a specific assessment.
    • Link students to a specific assessment.
    • Define the assessment start mode, which can be either 'Start Automatically' or 'Start Manually'.
    • Create, print and distribute access codes for each student, to enable them to start assessments. In this new version of Testwise, students start assessments by entering an access code into their system. Unlike the previous version of Testwise they do not need to enter a Register ID, select their own name from a list or enter any passwords. This new way of starting assessments is more robust than the previous method and means there is less chance of user error.
    • View the status for a sitting, which shows the students who have started the assessment, are in the process of doing the assessment or have finished the assessment.
  • Reports  - More easily accessible reports, containing all the assessment results in a format that you require.
  • Services  - New functionality that enables you to view your services, so that you can see how many credit you have and for which tests and the date when your credits expire. This means you will be able to plan and budget with all the information you require at your fingertips.
  • Users  - Ability to create new users for the system, giving them permission to use only the areas they require. You can create new users and change existing user details effortlessly. Resetting passwords and creating groups of users enables you to manage your system users easily.


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