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You can view all the services that have been purchased by your organisation by displaying the Services List.

You can search for specific services using the search box displayed at the top of the Services List.

To view the Services List

1   Click the Services button  from the home screen.

All existing services are displayed within the Services List.

Note: If there are no services displayed, this is because they have not been added to your system yet. You cannot create sittings or have students take tests without having any services added. Contact the Renewals Team to ensure the services you require are added to the system.

2  View details about each service by examining the information within the following columns:


The name of the service that your school or organisation has purchased.


The status of the service can be one of the following:

  • Live - Current date is between the Subscription Start Date and End Date.
  • Pending - Current date is before the Subscription End Date.
  • Expired - Current date is after the Subscription End Date.
Credits Available

The number of credits available for the service. This value is the total number of students who can take tests on the current date.

This value is calculated by adding up all the available credits for each subscription, within the current date.

If your service contains available credits within subscriptions for dates in the future, these will not be included in the Total Credits Available value.

The Credits Available value is reduced by 1 each time a student completes a test.

Total Credits

The total number of credits that have been purchased within the current date. This value can increase if your school purchases more credits within the current date.

This value does not change when tests are completed by students.

3   If you want to search for a specific service name, enter full or partial words into the Search box displayed at the top of the Services List.

4   If you want to display the subscriptions contained within a service, click the Preview button to display the Services Details pane. When you have finished viewing Service Details, click the Close button  to display the Services List in full screen view again.

To return to the home screen, click the Home button 


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