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Archive is the process of moving older items (or items that are no longer required) into a different location on your system.

You would normally use archive if you wanted to reduce the number of items on your screen (within a list), so that you could focus on the current and newer items, which are more relevant to your everyday tasks.

If you keep adding new items to the system then your lists could become difficult to manage and you might have difficulty finding the items you require easily.

For example, you might want to archive all students who have left the school, at the end of each academic year.

The archive function can be used in a number of different areas:

When displaying a list of items, you can usually display all archived items, by selecting the Archived Items Only box within the Filter Pane.

The archive process is reversible, so you can retrieve archived items when they may be required. The process of retrieving archived items is known as restoring archived items.

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