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You can download reports if you want to save Testwise reports as stand-alone files. These files will be available in a variety of common usage formats including PDF, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. This is so that people who do not have access to Testwise can view the contents of reports.

You can also download multiple reports, which will be compressed, grouped together and saved within a single zip file. Zip files are often used to email a group of files to someone else. The benefit of zip files are that they bundle all the files together within one container and also reduce the file size of each file by compressing it.

 To download a report

1   Click the Reports button  from the dashboard.

2   Find the report you want to preview or download.

Click the Actions button  alongside the report name that you want to preview or download.

  The Preview button and the Download button now replace the Report Name in the first column.

4   If you want to preview the report, click the Preview button .

  If you want to download the report, click the Download button .

6   Open or save the report file as suggested by your web browser.

To download multiple reports into a zipped file

1   Click the Reports button  from the dashboard.

2   Find the reports you want to download.

3   Click the Check box  to the left of each report that you want to download. Each time you click the check box for a report, notice the following:

  •  The Check box changes colour .
  • The total number of reports you have selected is displayed within the Download button, in the top right corner of the screen.

4  Click the Download button . 

5   Open or save the zip file as suggested by your web browser.

6   To find each individual report file within a zip file, you should open each folder, until you find the report file you require.

Each report filename is identical to the Report Name within Testwise.

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