You can restore students who have been previously archived, if you want to display them within the Students List again.

When you restore an archived student, it means that they will reappear in the Students List, with all the details that were previously attached to them, such as their date of birth. Any test results for the restored student will already been in the system as they are not removed during the student archive process.

Once an archived student has been restored, they can be used within the system like any other student. This means that they can be added to sittings, complete tests and have their test results displayed within reports.

To restore students that were previously archived

1   Click the Students button  from the home screen.

All existing students are displayed within the Students List.

2   In the Filter Pane, select the Show Archived Students Only check box.

All archived students are now displayed within the Archived Students List.

 Select the archived student(s) you want to restore by clicking the Check box  to the left of each student name. You can select multiple archived students if required.

Each time you click the check box for a student, notice the following:

4  Click the Restore button  .

A green "Student(s) Successfully Restored" message will be appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Notice that the restored student(s) no longer appear in the Archived Students List.

5   To display the Students List again, remove the tick from the Show Archived Students Only check box.

Notice that the restored students(s) now appears within the Students List.

6   To return to the home screen, click the Home button 

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