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Welcome to Testwise and this online help, which contains all the information you require to learn how to use Testwise within your school or organisation.

What is Testwise?

Testwise is a web-based platform that enables you to test your students' education, mental health and well-being, using our online assessments. Testwise has been created by GL Assessment, who are specialists in independent assessments and school improvement. All assessments have been created using our vast experience in the education industry, which spans over 30 years. Our assessments are now used by over 3 million students every year and provide educational professionals with the information and tools they require to raise standards.

For more information about our complete educational services, view the information on our websites at GL Assessment (UK), GL Education (International) and GL Assessment (Ireland).

Using this Online Help

For details on how to use this online help, see the Using this Online Help page.

Learning to Use Testwise

The starting point in learning how to use Testwise is to read our Getting Started page, which is written for all new users to our system.

Understanding the home screen

The Testwise home screen is the first page you will see when you log into the system. It shows all the functional areas that you can access.

The image below shows that a user named 'User2 - SchoolAdmin' can access the My OrganisationUsers, Sittings, Students, Services and Reports areas of the Testwise system. Another user may have access to fewer areas of the system, which means they will be able to see fewer buttons on their home screen.

Notice that in the top right of the page you can see a Help button , which you can click whenever you want to view these online help pages.

Whenever you want to return to the home screen, click the Home button  which is the logo displayed on the top left of the page.

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