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  1. Login to the app using your username and password.


2. Once logged on, click on the Sittings icon on the home screen



3. Find your Baseline sitting and click the Progress button 


4. Next, find the student you want to take the test and click Join Test 

You will then be presented with a 5 digit code, you will need to enter this on the pupils tablet to connect the devices before the test can begin. 


Starting the Baseline Progress Test – Student


  1. To start the test for a student, firstly click Login 

This device should have already been configured for the student. Please refer to Student setup for further guidance


2. Enter the students access code for the sitting. 

3. Click Login 


The students access code can be found in the Manage Sittings area.


4. Once you have logged in, you will be asked to enter the 5 digit code to pair the tablet devices. This code should be displayed on the tablet configured for the administrator. 

Your devices should now be connected. 

Once the code has been successfully entered, the tablets will synchronise with each other, and you will be able to begin the assessment. As the administrator, you will have control of the assessment. You will be able to play the audio to the pupil, see their responses and move them forward through the assessment.

If there is a problem with the synchronisation process, you may need to run the assessment in Manual Mode. Using this mode, the tablets will not be connected. Both the teacher and the pupil will have the ability to play the audio, and both will need to swipe the screen to move through the questions. Recording of responses is done in the usual way.

You will be prompted to select Manual Mode on both tablets if there is a need to run the session in this way.

Please do not administer the assessment using a single tablet should synchronisation fail please use Manual Mode.

A holding screen will be shown until you are ready to start the assessment. Swipe it to begin.

Please see our Technical Help page for configuration issues



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