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We are pleased to announce that the first version of the student import/update feature is now available!

You can import a batch of students if you want to add or update multiple students at the same time, rather than individually.

You may want to import students at the beginning of the academic year when you have a large number of students to add to the system all at once.

When you import students they are all added to the Student List, which means you can then view them in the Students List or change student details as and when required.

If you want to add students to the Student List individually, then you should create a new student.

To import new and/or bulk update students

1     Ensure that the students you wish to update are in the TestWise Import template.

Note : The most efficient way to update your Student List is to export the list using the Export Student List as csv function.  A .csv version of your Student List will be download enabling you to add new or update any existing students.  Once you are happy with your updated list simply re-import it into TestWise. 

2     Edit your Student List in the csv file as required.
Note : The unique identifiers in your file must match TestWise to update a student. If a different unique identifier is used then a new student record will be created.

3     Once you are happy with your updated list and it is ready to import, click the Students button  from the home screen. 

4     Click the Import Students button  to display the Import Students page.

5    Click the Browse button to display the Choose File Upload box. Then navigate to the .csv file you would like to import and then click the Open button.

6    Verify the student details on the page and then click the Import button to complete the update process.

Note : student data included in the csv file will be coloured blue and considered updated even if you have not made any changes to the student record.


Note: If the data has not passed the verification process, then the Import button will change to 'Retry'. To correct the errors in the data:

a  Identify exactly where the errors are by finding the fields highlight in red within the data grid. Scroll through the full list of students to find all the errors. The data that is missing or incorrect will have a red box around it. To find out more information about each error hover your mouse over the red warning marker shown in the last column of the row.

b  Open MS Excel (or the CSV editing software), and then open the file that contained the errors.

c  Correct the errors in in the file.

d  Save the changes you have made.

e  Click the 'Retry' button.

f  Repeat step 5 (above).

7     Click Import if the changes highlighted in the summary are correct.

Note : If you are not happy with the changes in the summary page you can simply edit the file again and re-upload. 

8       Once your update file has been processed you will be sent an email confirming the success of your upload. 


9      Now that you have received confirmation of your updates/import you can go back into the Student List and check that the required changes have been made.

10     To return to the home screen, click the Home button 


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