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Selecting the Manual Test Start option when creating a sitting enables you to run a test in exam style conditions. Although not essential, you may choose to gather your students in one room at any time between the sitting From and To dates,  and then check in the Student Progress screen, to see whether they have logged in using their access code. Even though students have logged in, they will not be able to begin the test until you click the Start Test button . This ensures that all students start at the same time, and are subject to the same environmental conditions for the test.

Manually starting a test means that once the Test Start Period has begun, the Start Test button will have to be clicked by a Testwise user within the Student Progress screen, before students can log into the Test Lobby and take their test. When the Start Test button is clicked, the Start button on each student's Test Lobby will become enabled.

You can start an assessment manually if the following criteria have been met:

  • The Manual Test Start option has been selected as the Test Start Mode for the sitting within the Sittings Wizard. See View Details of a Sitting to check the Manual Start option has been selected for the sitting.
  • The Test Start Period has begun, which can be viewed within the Sittings List, in the 'From' column for the sitting.

Prior to a Testwise user clicking the Start Test button the student would be able to log into the Test Lobby and view the tests that are allocated to them, but not be able to click on anything or start the test.

The other way of starting an assessment is for it to start automatically.

To manually start a test

1   Click the Sittings button from the home screen.

 All existing sittings are displayed within the Sittings List.

  Find the sitting you to want manually start and ensure the Test Start Period is about to begin soon, by viewing the date and time in the 'From' column of the Sittings List. You can change the Test Start Period if required, by following the steps in the Change Details of a Sitting process.

If you want to check that the sitting has been defined as manually starting then:

  • Click the Actions button displayed alongside the sitting.

  • Click the Edit button  to display the Sittings Wizard.
  • Click the Next button, until you reach the Test Start Mode page.
  • Ensure that the Manual Test Start option has been selected. If it has not been selected, then select it and save the sitting.
  • Navigate back to the Sittings List.

4   Find the sitting you want manually start and click the Progress button  displayed alongside it.

The Student Progress screen for the selected sitting is displayed.

  Click the Start Test buttonto manually start the sitting.

Any students (who have been added to the sitting) who are logged into the Test Lobby will now be able to click the Start button and begin their test.

The Start Test button within the Student Progress screen will now disappear as it can only be clicked once.

6   Click the Back button to return to the Sittings List. Notice that the Status for the sitting you just manually started, now displays a status of Started.

Each student can now log into the Test Lobby and complete their test.

To return to the home screen, click the Home button 

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