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Report dashboards are the new way Testwise displays product information and student test results. In 2016 only Placement Test customers will be able to use the reporting dashboard feature.

As with the current process, once you have a sufficient quantity of test data for one or more students, you can view a particular reporting dashboard to see their test results. Test data is gathered whenever students complete tests.

Types of Reporting dashboard

Reporting dashboards can be accessed for a group of students (Group report for schools) or an individual student (Individual report for teachers).

Group report for schools

Individual report for teachers


Report Formats 

Reporting dashboards can be viewed in the Testwise platform or downloaded to PDF 

If you want to access the raw data that was used to create the report, you can access the information within CSV format. CSV files can be opened in MS Excel or imported into other systems for further analysis.

Cost of Reports 

You will only be able to access reporting dashboards associated with the services you have purchased.

All reporting dashboards are included in the cost of your service. 

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