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The following fields of information can be viewed, entered or modified for each user

First NameThis field is for the first name of the user and can contain up to 100 characters.
Last NameThis field is for the last name of the user and can contain up to 100 characters.

This field is for user's email address and can contain up to 100 characters. Whenever the Testwise system communicates with the user directly, it will send an email to this email address. Examples of when this may occur include when the user is first set up on the Testwise system and when the user password is reset.

You cannot enter an email address that is already being used for another user within the Testwise system. This includes any users who have been archived.

This field is for the user's temporary password. This password will be only be used once, which is when the user first logs into the Testwise system.

The user password must contain at least 8 characters, including one in uppercase character, one lowercase character and one numeric character.

Confirm Password

This field contain the user's password again.

This is so that the password can be confirmed by the system, in case a typographical error is made the first time the Password was entered in the previous field.


The roles define which areas of the Testwise system the user can access, so they should be selected with caution. The three roles that are available include:

  • Test Taker - enables access to the Test Lobby.
  • Teacher - enables access to Sittings, Students, Services and Reports.
  • School Admin - enables access to Sittings, Students, Services, Reports, Users and My Organisation.

Note: It is not recommended that you select the Test Taker role as any user with this role operates differently to all the other roles. Any users that are created with the Test Taker role will appear in the Student List.

Note: If the fields or columns on your screen are different to the ones listed in the table above, this may be because your system labels have been changed by your System Administrator. You cannot change  system labels yourself, unless you have specific system permissions.

Mandatory Fields

When creating users, some fields are mandatory, which means you must enter information in those fields otherwise, the user cannot be created successfully. Different systems have different mandatory fields. You can identify the mandatory fields in your system by finding field names that have an asterisk displayed after them in the Create New User screen. For example, if the Email is mandatory, then it will be displayed as Email *. When creating a user, if you do not enter information in a mandatory field then a red warning triangle will be displayed alongside the field name.

Optional Fields

When creating users, you do not need to enter information is every field, some fields can be left blank. Any field that is not mandatory can be left blank.

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