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You can access the Testwise Online Help by clicking the Help button , which is displayed in the top right of every page.

Since the online help is web-based, you can access it without having Testwise open, by entering its web address ( into most web browsers. For specific details about web browsers, see Minimum System Requirements.

Once the online help is displayed, you can view information by clicking on any page in the Navigation Pane, which is displayed on the left. Notice some of the page names display a chevron  to the left of them. These pages contain additional pages beneath them, which means when you click on them, the additional pages are displayed in the Navigation Pane.

The online help has been organised into the following sections:

  • Videos - contains instructional videos to introduce you to various areas of the system.
  • Getting Started - contains essential information for new users, including how to log into the system.
  • Functional Areas - there is a section for each functional area within Testwise, as shown in the image above. You will notice that your Testwise home screen will contain the same named areas. These areas include Sittings, Students and Reports. The online help may contain information about Testwise that you cannot see on your system. These sections will be clearly marked with information about needing specific user permissions to access those areas.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - contains a list of frequently asked questions and additional information which you may find helpful.
  • Contacting Us - contains details about our Technical Support Services and the GL Assessment websites.

Note: If you want to print an online help page and are using MS Internet Explorer, then you should ensure the Print Preview option is defined as 100% rather than Shrink to Fit.

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