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In Exact, you can the leave comments on students work and edit the values for the Written and Typed Dictation, and even upload images of written work as evidence.

1  Click on the Sittings button from the home screen.
All existing sittings are displayed within the Sittings List.

2  Find the sitting which contains the pupils you want to edit the data for or leave comments for.
Click the Progress button to the right of the sitting name.

3  You will now view the students who have been assigned to the sitting.
To add a comment or change the data values for the Typed or Written Dictation tasks, click on the Edit button alongside the name of the student to wish to review.

4  You can now add comments relating to the student in the Comment box.
You also can edit the Typed and Written Dictation Data values. These options are only available for students who have completed either or both of the Written Dictation and Typed Dictation parts of Exact.

An image can also be upload as evidence of the candidate’s written work. The accepted image formats are: .jpg, .png and .gif. The files must be no larger than 4MB in size.

5  To save the information you have entered, click on Save button.

If the Typed Dictation and Written Dictation parts were not selected when the sitting was created, then the Data values options will not be available.

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