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Once you have created a sitting, you can view a sheet of student access codes, which contains one access code for each student, within the selected sitting.

Access codes appear within a PDF file and are in A4 format. 10 student access codes appear on each page. Therefore, if you have 25 students within a sitting then your PDF will contain 3 pages, the first two pages will contain 10 student access codes each and the third page will contain 5 student access codes. See Sample Student Access Codes page.

The access code PDF file can either be saved or printed.

If you print the student access codes, you can then divide the A4 sheet into 10 sections and distribute the access codes to each individual student. 

Once the student has their access code and the test has begun, the student can log into the system and begin their assessment.

Each student access code contains the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Student Access Code
  • Sitting Name
  • Date and Time of Assessment
  • Test Name(s)
  • URL, which is the web address for the test(s)

To view student access codes

1   Click the Sittings button.

 All existing sittings are displayed within the Sittings List.

  Find the sitting you want, by using one of more of the following methods:

  • Sort the list in the order of a specific column by clicking the Ascending Sort and Descending Sort buttons displayed alongside a column heading. 
  • Apply filters to the list by selecting tags in the Filter Pane.
  • Search the list by entering specific words or characters (any letters or numbers) into the Search box.

3   When you have found the sitting you want, click the Actions button  alongside the sitting name.

     The Edit button now replaces the entry in the first column.

4   Click the Access Codes button to display the Open Access Codes for Sitting box.

5   Select an option from the Open With list and then click OK.

A PDF file containing A4 sheet(s) of access codes will be displayed.

6   You can either save this file or print it.

7   When you have finished working with the access codes PDF file, close the software that was used to display the access codes sheet.


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