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CAT4, PASS, NGRT and NGST can all be administered via tablet as well as computer. Follow these instructions for how to set up your tablet for these assessments.

Baseline is administered via tablet only. Instructions for Baseline administration can be found here.


Each student will need a tablet and a set of headphones, unless completing Baseline where no headphones are required. All equipment needs to be in good working condition.
Before the session – ensure you have downloaded the GL Assessment App and have the tablet ready for administration. This is particularly important if your school has not used digital tests from GL Assessment in the

  • Download the GL Assessment App from the apple or android store
  • We suggest setting up the tablets in advance, including saving the settings so that upon opening the app you are taken to the access code screen.
  • We suggest turning off spell checker and auto correct as part of your set up process. This is a requirement for NGST. For guidance on how to do this, click here.



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